Maquet and GE Healthcare announce cooperation in the field of the hybrid OR

Maquet and GE Healthcare are announcing they are developing together a new flexible angiography hybrid OR solution. The combined system for surgical procedures and catheter-based interventions will consist of the angiography system Discovery IGS 730 (GE) and the Magnus operating table system (Maquet). Besides its high-precision imaging technology, the differentiating feature of the Discovery IGS 730 is its unique mobility. With its laser-guided, mobile gantry, it can be conveniently positioned throughout the OR with high predictability to provide the medical team with full patient access. The Discovery IGS 730 enables using both left and right customizable parking locations in a single room for an excellent patient access during either left or right access procedures. Its mobile design allows more flexibility in the implantation of ceiling suspended elements such as laminar flow and booms. The Discovery IGS 730 also offers all features of a premium angiography system. It enables high-quality 2D imagery, as well as 3D rotational angiography and multimodality 3D Fusion with outstanding opportunities for minimally invasive therapy.
The Magnus operating table is a full-fledged, versatile OR table that meets all requirements of surgeons and interventional physicians. It has a