Mammography display

FDA-cleared for radiology and mammography and featuring a number of unique image-enhancing technologies, the Nio 5MP LED features a clean and modern design and a smaller desktop footprint for more reading comfort. It helps enhance visualization of PACS or breast images, boosting radiologist productivity and performance. Barco’s bright LED backlights help radiologists see many more shades of gray. Furthermore, Nio 5MP LED comes with a unique front-of-screen sensor, which works seamlessly with Barco’s online MediCal QAWeb solution for automated Quality Assurance and on-demand calibration. Additionally, Uniform Luminance Technology makes subtle details more noticeable more quickly, resulting in reduced windowing and leveling time. Nio 5MP LED offers a high-bright LCD panel with a display resolution of 2560 x 2048 pixels. Featuring a DICOM calibrated luminance of 500 cd/m

Supplier: Barco N.V.

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