Low dose CBCT system

Developed for diagnostic imaging of the dentomaxillofacial, and head and neck areas, the SCANORA 3D is a compact CBCT system. Various field-of-view sizes and high or standard resolutions can be selected for different imaging tasks. The cylindrical field-of-view sizes range from 6 x 6 cm up to 13 x 14.5 cm. The voxel sizes, which represent the spatial resolution, range from 133 μm to 350 μm. Standard resolution offers fast imaging with low dose, suitable for follow-up and measurement tasks. High resolution is recommended for primary diagnostics. In addition to excellent diagnostic performance, special concern has been addressed to the ALARA principle. Dose levels with this instrument are considerably less than those usually associated with medical CT imaging, depending on the selected field of view. With high resolution CBCT imaging of the temporal bone, the dose is approximately equivalent to one or two panoramic images. In high-resolution sinonasal imaging with a large field of view, the dose is approximately equivalent to three panoramic images. The instrument offers superior versatility by combining cone beam 3D imaging with a CMOS flat panel detector and dental panoramic imaging with a charge-coupled device sensor. At the press of a button the unit automatically switches between 3D and panoramic imaging modes with an AutoSwitch function, making it quick and easy to use. The volume of interest can be freely located in the skull area, thanks to the motorised positioning movements of the unit. The appropriate volume can be accurately located with laser positioning lights.

Supplier: KAVO

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