LMT Medical Systems introduces advanced MR Diagnostics Incubator

LMT Medical Systems is where MRI meets Neonatology; the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag® IC ADVANCED allows newborns and premature babies to be transported directly from the NICU into the MR suite for examination by optimal, non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The baby is protected inside the life sustaining, temperature and humidity controlled MR-incubator throughout the entire transport and MRI examination.
In the new generation, the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag®IC ADVANCED, LMT Medical Systems GmbH has brought functionality many steps forward. Patient access and noise protection in the MR scanner were improved.
There is a wider patient bed and the overall weight of the incubator is reduced.
The nomag®IC ADVANCED is compatible with the devices of the leading MRI manufacturers. It can be easily attached to the corresponding MRI devices. The functional reliability has been officially tested and approved.

Supplier: LMT Lammers Medical Technology

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