Lightweight cassette-type digital radiography detector

The recently launched AeroDR PREMIUM wireless cassette-type DR detector is 14 x 17 inches and weighs just 2.6kg, which is approximately 10% lighter than the conventional AeroDR 1417HQ series. In addition to X-ray rooms, the detectors are also being used in operating rooms, emergency care sites, and disaster areas. To meet the requirements related to these locations, the product’s resistance to load and drop impact has been improved and robustness has been enhanced by a waterproof design. Furthermore, the cycle time between exposures has been drastically reduced to approximately half of the time required by the conventional AeroDR 1417HQ series. This reduces the time required to carry out the exposure process and thus, reduces the burden on patients. Consequently, the reduced exposure process time reduces the time during which orthopedic patients have to wait for several exposures on the same body part while holding a posture that may cause pain, or the time during which groups of radiography examinees have to wait before they are diagnosed. In addition, by increasing the capacity of the built-in lithium-ion capacitor and enhancing the power-saving function, the battery life has been increased to allow users to take approximately 1.5 times more images than with a conventional AeroDR 14

Supplier: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic Imaging Europe B.V.

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