Invenia ABUS automated breast ultrasound

The recently launched new generation of automated breast ultrasound, Invenia ABUS, shifts traditional ultrasound from hardware- to software-based processing which results in excellent image quality, reproducibility and easy operation. The ABUS also includes intelligent imaging algorithms to help produce better image quality for easier identification of lumps, such as the tissue equalization algorithm, nipple shadow compensation, breast border detection and chest wall detection. Invenia ABUS’s Reverse Curve Transducer is designed to shape a woman’s anatomy and enhances patient comfort during the exam as well as breast coverage. The 15 cm wide filed-of-view, high-frequency transducer automatically creates uniform compression across the entire breast for enhanced anatomical detail and consistent image quality independent of the operator. The ABUS workstation displays 3D volumes and tools for efficient interpretation and analysis.

Supplier: GE Healthcare GmbH

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