Interventional X-ray system

Findings from a recent landmark clinical trial demonstrate that, during coronary angiographies, equivalent image quality can be achieved using a 50% reduction in radiation dose compared to a traditional imaging system. In other types of clinical applications, such as DSA angiography, studies have shown dose reduction of up to 83%. Traditionally, the use of lower doses of radiation during interventional X-ray procedures resulted in a deterioration of the image quality, which could adversely affect the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment by the clinician. Now, with Philips’ClarityIQ technology, clinicians can reduce the doses to which a patient is exposed without sacrificing image quality, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of their diagnosis and treatment. The Allura Clarity family from Philips is the first X-ray system with the new ClarityIQ technology. It offers industry-leading image quality, equivalent to the Allura Xper generation, at a fraction of the dose during coronary angiographics.

Supplier: Philips Healthcare

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