Intermittent and continuous vacuum regulator

The vacuum regulator is used to measure and adjust the vacuum level during medical suctions. It enables the draining of substances out of the patient’s body during surgical procedures.
The RViTM offers two different types of suction: an intermittent mode (16 seconds ON and 8 seconds OFF) for gastric drainage and a continuous one for other suctions. The INT/OFF/ REG switch button provides an easy selection of the different modes and a dynamic regulation of the vacuum level. Compact, strong and ergonomic, the RViTM is supplied with a 100ml safety jar equipped with a mechanical anti-overflow safety valve and a single-use antibacterial filter. This safety jar does not require any sterilization in normal use, allowing cost and time savings. Supplied in various international standards, the RViTM is available with a dual display in mmHg/mbar for low, medium and high suction levels.

Supplier: Technologie Medicale

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