Intensive care ventilation during HBO

Patients with certain conditions may be in need of ICU quality ventilation during their time in the hyperbaric chamber. Indications may be e.g. carbon monoxide poisoning, severe necrotizing soft tissue infections or decompression sickness with gas embolisms. The SERVO-i HBO works at normobaric and hyperbaric pressures up to 3100 hPa (absolute pressure), corresponding to a diving depth of 20 meters. It automatically adjusts its delivered and monitored volumes, as well as other parameters, even during compression and decompression. All patient categories can be treated, from neonatal to adult patients. Taking away the limitations of ventilators previously used in HBO will widen the possibilities for hyperbaric medicine. SERVO-i HBO has been adapted to handle the variations in pressure and the special requirements for use in hyperbaric chambers. Conditions of the hyperbaric chamber that need to be adhered to when using SERVO-i HBO include power supply of 12V DC, 10A, connection of scavenging system for expired gases and connection of potential equalization conductor.

Supplier: MAQUET Critical Care

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