Instrument protection system for sterilisation

Made of Kimgard sterilisation wrap to form a series of pockets for the protection and organisation of surgical instruments during the sterilisation process, DuraHolder IPS allows sterilisation of the contents to occur in a steam autoclave utilising a sterilisation and drying cycle that has been validated by the sterile process department in hospitals. After cleaning, disinfecting and drying, instruments can be placed in the system. An appropriate process indicator can be placed inside the innermost pocket. The top flap is folded over and the system can be loosely rolled up, folded over or left flat. The system should then be placed into a protective wrap such as Kimgard or placed into a sterilisation container system to provide a sterile barrier. The system has been verified though laboratory testing and is suitable for use in sterilisation process methods and cycles.

Supplier: Medcorp International

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