Innovia Medical showcases single-use tech for collecting cervical biopsies

Innovia Medical showcased their DTR Medical Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch at this year’s Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai. The device is designed for obtaining cervical biopsies during gynaecological procedures. The device’s single-use eliminates cross-contamination.

The DTR Medical Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch has a top jaw stronger than titanium, ensuring a high-quality sample. Its low-profile jaw enhances access to the transformation zone, while the rotational controller provides 360° rotation allowing for optimal positioning and patient interaction. The ergonomic design enables clinicians to obtain high-quality biopsies. The device has demonstrated significant benefits in healthcare settings by addressing the growing demand for cervical screenings and increased HPV testing.

Innovia Medical is a supplier of specialty surgical and sterile processing essentials, supplying medical devices to over 70 nations worldwide. The company works internationally with healthcare organisations and medical device distributors and has established its reputation for using the highest quality of materials and rigorous inspection protocols.

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