Imaging IT platform

Agfa Healthcare ICIS (Imaging Clinical Information System) is an enterprise-imaging IT platform that seamlessly captures all imaging data in a clinical context and then links it to the EMR. ICIS delivers the services for a complete and intelligent workflow to acquire, view, interpret, store and share images. ICIS includes a vendor neutral, single platform that is reliable and scalable. Agfa’s innovative zero footprint viewer allows fast access even on mobile devices. ICIS delivers the key components to enable medical imaging workflow throughout the hospital enterprise. Embedding images from any department within the EMR enables clinicians to easily interact with peers in their interdisciplinary work. The addition of diagnostic, treatment and descriptive imaging data, results in a truly comprehensive patient record. This empowers physicians to make more informed care decisions. ICIS allows cost effective image centralization and is a key enabler to bring in the full value of advanced medical imaging.

Supplier: AGFA Healthcare

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