Image acquisition software offers bone suppression capability

Carestream’s latest version of image acquisition software includes innovative standard and optional features for its CR and DR systems:  Bone suppression is designed to create a companion image to suppress the appearance of posterior ribs and clavicles while enhancing the visualization of soft tissue in the chest; and IHE Dose Reporting collects and distributes dose information from all Carestream DR and CR systems to a healthcare provider’s PACS.
The new bone suppression feature is designed to increase diagnostic confidence due to improved visibility of lung nodules and other pathology.  Since the companion image is automatically generated from the original chest image, it will be available in seconds and requires no additional exposure to the patient or a separate X-ray exam. This feature will be available for portable and room-based CR and DR systems. Carestream’s existing image acquisition software offers the ability to create companion images from an original X-ray exposure that can enhance visualization of tubes, PICC lines and pneumothorax.

Supplier: Carestream Health SA

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