IHF Congress will convene health leaders from around the globe in Oman

Health leaders and professionals from more than 40 countries will be in Oman on 6-9 November for the 43rd World Hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation for in-depth discussions on people-centered health services in times of peace and crisis. The scientific sessions will bring up actionable ideas on how health services can be resilient to various issues, supported by investments contributing to the prosperity of the country and innovative to increase health gain.
IHF’s annual Congress, hosted this year by the Ministry of Health of the Sultanate of Oman, will showcase a comprehensive event experience with:

  • 150 notable Speakers who will present advancements and share best practices in leadership, management and service delivery;
  • 40 Sessions that will delve into various dimensions of resilience, contribution of the health industry to prosperity and impactful innovations;
  • Poster display of best practices from different hospitals and organizations;
  • Solid networking opportunity enhanced by a new mobile application – CERCA – for secure and privacy-protected network-building activity; 
  • Two intensive Pre-conference sessions: Economics for Health Leaders and The “Fast Forward” Initiative for Community- and Person-Centered Hospitals and Health Services;
  • 2019 IHF Awards where outstanding initiatives will be recognized;
  • A friendly exhibition environment to make new connections or reunite with peers;
  • Hospital Site Visits to The Royal Hospital and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, of which funds collected will be donated to St. Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds, a charity supported by a life-changing campaign called #hellomynameis.

The World Hospital Congress is a one-stop shop for the healthcare professional seeking the opportunity and environment in which to engage in a 360-degree learning and knowledge-sharing experience among peers. http://worldhospitalcongress.org