How to evaluate medical device warranties

FUJIFILM SonoSite is helping ultrasound users to assess the total cost of ownership for imaging equipment. Medical device warranties: Fine print, major total cost implications – a recently published report by the company’s Chief Operating Officer Rich Fabian – tackles the intricate details of warranties head-on, helping to clarify key considerations and unpack some of the hidden costs, for both patient care and financial planning. 
Warranties are intended to mitigate the risks related to ownership by allowing hospitals to control expenditure on training, servicing, repairs, replacement parts and software updates over the course of an instrument’s useful lifecycle. The two-page article is essential reading for procurement departments, helpfully examining how the appeal of generous multi-year warranties may be undermined by taking into account the exceptions mentioned in the fine print. For example, limitations on replacement parts can sometimes result in hospitals spending more on transducers than the cost of the original system. A key aim for buyers is to choose equipment in which the quality and durability are commensurate with the warranty offered. The mean time between instrument failures and the frequency of repairs is a critical factor to consider as downtime is costly, both in terms of patient care and delayed procedures. Raising awareness of these considerations will help ultrasound users to get the best value for money when purchasing a new clinical imaging system.