Hospital goes fully digital Moving to wireless DRX-1 technology

International Hospital spoke to Professor Johan De Mey, the Head of the Department of Radiology at UZ Brussel hospital in Brussels. With nearly 800 beds, the hospital is one of the seven university hospitals in Belgium with around 200 000 patient contacts a year in radiology across a variety of disciplines. Professor De Mey talks about how upgrading their existing mobile equipment from phosphor plates to high quality DR technology has delivered higher productivity, excellent image quality and enhanced patient care.

Q. UZ Brussels finally achieved full digital status across the hospital. What are the advantages for the patients and the staff?
We first partnered with Carestream over a decade ago with the installation of PACS and with the introduction of Carestream DRX equipment. There are so many advantages. First of all, there is no image loss which is very important in emergency situations. What