High quality diagnostic displays

With their high-luminance and high-contrast capabilities Sony’s first ever range of high quality diagnostic diplays offer clear images for medical imaging applications such as MRI, X-ray and digital mammography. The LMD-DM50 and LMD-DM30 will feature the Independent Sub-pixel Drive (ISD) technology that is capable of producing three times the resolution of monochrome LCDs. Available in both the 5MP and 3MP greyscale models, ISD creates reliable image quality for viewing high resolution diagnostic studies including CR and DR images, CT, MR and particularly full field digital mammography (FFDM) where detailed viewing of micro-calcifications is possible. The LMD-DM50 and LMD-DM30 can be used in digital mammography PACS, and modalities including FFDM. The LMD-DM30C, LMD-DM20C and LMD-DM20 can be used in displaying and viewing medical images such as MRI and CT but are not designed for digital mammography.

Supplier: Sony Professional Solutions Europe

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