High-end ventilator for critical care

The HAMILTON-C6 represents the latest generation of high-end ventilators, which combines modularity, mobility and ease of use with a range of advanced features. This combination allows clinicians to provide individualized, lung protective ventilation therapy for all patient populations. Just like its predecessors, the newest device from Hamilton Medical comes fully equipped with a range of Intelligent Ventilation technologies. In addition to the advanced ventilation modes ASV and INTELLiVENT-ASV, the HAMILTON-C6 offers tools for lung assessment and recruitment manoeuvres, continuous cuff pressure management, transpulmonary pressure measurement, state-of-the-art ventilation monitoring and an integrated humidifier control. With this new ventilator, Hamilton Medical also introduces the brand-new technology IntelliSync+, which was developed to avoid patient-ventilator asynchronies and their negative effects on patients. By continuously analysing waveform shapes hundred times per second, IntelliSync+ detects patient efforts and cycling immediately, and initiates inspiration and expiration in real-time. The technology can be used regardless of the ventilation mode and with no additional hardware required. The HAMILTON-C6 features a high-performance turbine, which provides a class-leading peak flow of 260 ml per minute and carries a lifetime warranty. Together with a slender and easy manoeuvrable trolley and a 3-hour battery life, the HAMILTON-C6 thus can effortlessly accompany patients on transports within the hospital. The shelf-mount version with various mounting options for the detachable monitor allows for smooth integration into various settings and environments.

Supplier: Hamilton Medical AG

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