HD video camera

The MCC-3000MT HD video camera has been designed for capturing realistic 3D images from operating microscopes. The new camera, which uses 1/2-inch full-HD 3Chip-CMOS sensor, connects to the operating microscope and delivers extremely precise imaging in all three dimensions, therefore recording the exact same view that the surgeon sees through the microscope. Sony has leveraged its experience with broadcast and industrial 3D cameras to design a device that combines ease of adjustment with the high-precision, highresolution capabilities required for medical settings. While adjustment of 2-unit 3D cameras has typically been a difficult task, this new design allows the user to easily adjust colour matching, white balance, and similar parameters, directly from the control unit. The 3D video can also be displayed on a 3D-capable monitor, allowing everyone in the operating room to view the surgery’s progress. The realistic imaging can be used for teaching and training purposes and can be sent out over a network so that remote medical staff can provide high-level support as needed.

Supplier: Sony Professional Solutions Europe

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