HAMILTON MEDICAL provides ventilation solutions from mobile to clinical ICU

By focusing exclusively in the field of ventilation, HAMILTON MEDICAL has become specialized in advanced ventilation solutions, designated as Intelligent Ventilation. In intensive care, sub-acute care and even in emergency transport situations, more than high-end technical performance is needed and HAMILTON MEDICAL is perfectly positioned to respond to all ventilation demands.

Clinicians are asking for ventilation systems that deliver clinical excellence as well as value and efficiency, reducing clinical and management overhead as well as the overall cost of ownership.

Ease of use

Inadequate orientation/training and communication breakdown between staff are by far the most significant causes of deaths or injuries related to ventilation. The Ventilation Cockpit, unique to HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilator systems, plays a crucial role in simplifying ventilator operation and the interpretation of monitored data. It offers visualization of complex information in an intuitive way and guides the clinician when making decisions.

Improved patient outcome
Since 2009, HAMILTON MEDICAL has supported the 2009 Vienna Declaration of the ESICM executive committee stressing the importance of quality and safety for patient care. The declaration pledge is to do whatever is necessary to provide a safe ICU environment and to design safer and more efficient devices. HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilators are designed to achieve best patient compliance with the applied ventilation therapy. Optimal synchronization of breath delivery with the patient