GE Healthcare launches Edison Developer Program to simplify AI adoption

GE Healthcare recently launched the Edison Developer Program to accelerate the adoption and impact of intelligent applications and developer services across health systems. The program is based on Edison, GE Healthcare’s secure intelligence platform, and helps healthcare providers gain easier access to market ready algorithms and applications by directly integrating these technologies into existing workflows.
For developers, the Edison Developer Program offers a rich set of healthcare services to help accelerate their ability to build innovations that improve operational and clinical outcomes – and also gives them access to scale and the ability to deploy applications across GE Healthcare’s massive customer base. This program expands the existing Edison ecosystem of leading researchers, technology providers and academic institutions who develop, manage, secure and distribute advanced applications, services and AI algorithms to drive real healthcare outcomes.
GE notes that investment in healthcare startups is exploding – but implementing new innovations effectively can be cumbersome and complex, slowing adoption. For instance, deploying a one-off clinical AI application is currently a manual and disjointed process. The company points out that clinicians are looking for a single solution that can span multiple modalities and seamlessly integrate applications or AI algorithms directly into their existing workflows to harness the power of these technologies.
The Edison Developer Program addresses these needs directly by bringing market-ready AI applications to the Edison platform, integrating them into existing GE Healthcare offerings – on medical devices, in the cloud or at the edge of the network. This deep integration makes it easier for AI and analytics innovators to build, deploy and distribute their offerings. It breaks down barriers to adoption for clinicians, ultimately reducing costs and improving the value of new solutions.
“The opportunities for healthcare with a truly intelligent connected digital enterprise are significant, but no one organization can get there alone,” said Amit Phadnis, Chief Digital Officer, GE Healthcare. “The Edison Developer Program is unique in its deep technology integration and scaling through the workflow, opening the door to faster adoption by health systems. Bringing together leading technology providers, developers and academic institutions under a single, connected ecosystem will help our customers simplify and optimize data aggregation and orchestration of clinical and operational applications in ways that have the potential to create real impact from the bottom line to better patient outcomes.”

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