GE Healthcare introduces SIGNA Experience:

A new platform of transformative technologies for MRI

GE Healthcare has launched its SIGNA Experience, a platform of four synergistic technologies that help users through the diagnostic journey. This integrated collection works together to ensure a smooth MRI scanning experience for the physician, technologists of all skill levels, and the patient.

• SIGNA One is the cornerstone of these solutions: A next generation, imaging software platform supporting an elegant, intuitive user interface, designed to offer high quality magnetic resonance (MR) imaging.

• AI/Deep-learning solutions: Pioneering, deep-learning AI applications, such as AIR Recon DL for improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), image sharpness and shorter scan time.

• Workflow solutions: Automated, intelligent workflow technologies, that include AIR x and AIRTouch, which guide technologists to help make an MRI scan set up better, faster, and easier.

• AIR Coils: Industry leading, transformative technology in coils, which are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable, enabling total freedom in coil positioning and handling during an MRI scan.

With operational efficiency the fastest growing challenge for radiology departments, SIGNA One enables greater workflow productivity by requiring only a fraction of the clicks needed to perform an exam from setup to completed scan. The benefits of this user interface are that it enables:
• Intuitive workflow for all experience levels and virtually no learning curve. Technologists can keep track of progress at a glance with useful visual reminders, showing them where they are at any point within the scanning process.
• Efficiency with visually assisted highlighted fields to guide technologists step-by-step, making the process flow easily; and flexibility in design to accommodate for future expansion in AI and workflows.
• Simplification with an easy-to-use express mode which only requires a few clicks to complete an examination, helping to streamline workflow and optimize throughput.
• Intelligent automation that highlights the most likely action following a scan.
SIGNA One is currently commercially available on SIGNA Prime. All other SIGNA Experience solutions are commercially available.

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