Gas flow analyser

Designed for the highly mobile biomed or service engineer, the small lightweight VT305 gas flow analyser is simple to use, provides quick results and is engineered for efficiency. It features internal sensors making connecting to medical devices a fast and easy process. No additional parts are required and the VT305 fits in the hand. Instant results are obtained in three simple steps. The VT305 is the portable test tool of choice for highly mobile users. An intuitive four-button control panel, auto-orienting colour LCD screen and single flow channel are featured. Additionally, the VT305 provides instant readable graphs that can be saved or transferred using an SD card. Taking ease of use one step further, the automation provided by the Ansur Test Automation software helps reduce human error, improves data consistency, and ensures compliance with OEM requirements. Also, the VT305 tests ventilators and all other gas flow and pressure- producing devices including anesthesia machines, insufflators, suction devices, pressure gauges, flow meters, etc.

Supplier: Fluke Biomedical

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