Fujifilm launches new digital X-ray suites

Fujifilm Medical Systems has added three new digital X-ray suites – FDR Clinica U, FDR Clinica X and D-EVO Suite FSx – to its portfolio of imaging technologies. Fujifilm Medical Systems is part of Fujifilm Healthcare.
Rick Banner, Senior Director of Marketing, Modality Solutions, Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., said the digital X-ray suites feature “just right” designs and capabilities for hospitals and outpatient applications, and add to their existing line-up of floor mounted and overhead systems.
The FDR Clinica X Suite suite offers a scalable, budget-friendly DR solution with full functionality. New features include a smart display on the X-ray tube head, generator controls integrated into the new FDX One Console acquisition workstation, and built-in detector connections to the rotating DR trays. Fujifilm notes that the versatile solution offers multiple workflow conveniences and provides upgrade options for automated long-length exams at the chest stand.
The FDR Clinica U is a compact, single digital radiography (DR) detector u-arm system, with versatile positioning. The company says it is ideal for outpatient, private practices and small imaging facilities. They add that it is a spacesaving alternative to a full-room system. FDR Clinica U offers flexible patient positioning in a compact, affordable design with simplified installation requirements. The system automatically maintains alignment between the X-ray tube and image receptor at all times, to simplify positioning and workflow. The system also features a new FDX One Console incorporating full generator system controls integrated into the one technologist acquisition workstation. The D-EVO Suite FSx is an update to its predecessor the FDR D-EVO Suite FS. The revision offers new flexibility and functions that are not typically available on floor-mounted systems. New features include large colour touchscreen display controls at the tube head and, among other options, automated tube height tracking to table and chest detector elevations and auto-collimation.
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