FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe unveils ECHELON Smart Plus 1.5T MRI

FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe has unveiled ECHELON Smart Plus with ‘REALISE Plus’, a 1.5T MRI system with a new version of the SynergyDrive Automation Suite.

SynergyDrive is designed to address the bottlenecks in the MRI workflow, accelerating scanning and simplifying the key processes to achieve quick and consistent results coupled with high quality images. Combined with SoftSound technology for very quiet examinations, this 1.5T MRI system offers a remarkable patient and user experience.

ECHELON Smart Plus is best suited to mid-sized diagnostic centres, private practices and outpatient centres looking for an MRI that meets high demands on patient-centricity, performance and service, coupled with a fast return on investment, says Luigi Lunetta, Head of MR/CT Business at FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe.

This new version of the system offers a ‘Plus’ in speed, quality and application to reach unprecedented scan speeds. Users benefit from:

  • an extraordinary high speed scanning experience that increases productivity by up to 50% compared to the previous version
  • brilliant high-speed imaging across all sequences
  • impressive image quality with free breathing features, without compromising on patient motion challenges or scan time.