ForaCare Suisse launches Autonomous Thermometer System

ForaCare Suisse AG has launched its FORA Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station. The station allows for accurate and precise temperature readings without the need for human operation of the thermometer.
“ForaCare understands the challenges of making temperature measurements in the Covid-19 environment. We observed workers in public health, government, education, and corporations manually taking temperature measurements, and saw the need to develop a system that would provide safe distance in performing and monitoring temperature checks. We also realized the need for an almost instant reading that is accurate, and connected to a device that could capture the data,” said Ty-Minh Tan, CEO of ForaCare Suisse AG. “Our goal was to put all of those needs together in a system that could allow for monitoring from a mobile measurement station. A single person can simultaneously monitor multiple temperature station results from a remote location, thereby providing increased efficiency and reduced possibilities of cross-infection.”
The FORA Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station includes three components: a FORA IR41 non-contact forehead thermometer that uses infrared sensors to take measurements, an iPad with a customized software displaying the measured temperature, and a medical-grade wheeled station to provide easy mobility of the system.
The Temperature Station’s thermometer, FORA IR41, provides quick measurement with results in just two seconds and records data using Bluetooth connectivity. The thermometer is clinically validated with ± 0.2 ̊C accuracy, and complies with ASTM E1965-98 and EN ISO 80601-2-56 standard requirements for clinical thermometer and body temperature measurement.
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