Flat panel detector enables upgrading to DR

With the launch of Konica Minolta’s new flat panel detector, the AeroDR NS, upgrading from CR to DR has become easier than ever. The 14×17’’ portable detector supports the user with a complete workflow solution and is compatible with any existing static RAD room and mobile RAD system. ImagePilot software enables the user to register patients, acquire and view images, perform measurements and reports and archive them using a miniPACS functionality.
For various applications, there are specific user tools available including dedicated Orthopedic and Veterinary tools and a Bone-Suppression feature. This function processes an image in which for example the clavicles and the ribs are ‘attenuated’. This could make it easier for users to diagnose thorax images. According to Konica Minolta, the biggest advantage of using AeroDR NS instead of a CR workflow is that the acquisition cycle time will be much shorter: from several minutes to a few seconds. With a pixel size of 150µm, a CsI scintillator and 72% MTF, the AeroDR NS delivers a high image quality for making diagnoses with high confidence. The AeroDR NS has ‘Automatic Exposure Detection’ so there is no need for cable connections to the X-ray generator. An internal Access Point can send the images directly to the screen within seconds, while the AeroStorage feature allows for working offline if needed, and offers the possibility to store up to 200 images. Due to the smart portable and compatible concept, the AeroDR NS can especially address medical imaging professionals who are considering to upgrade from analogue or CR to DR, but don’t have the budget available to purchase a complete new digital RAD room.

Supplier: Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic Imaging Europe B.V.

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