First breast CT scanner installed in South Korea

Queen’s U Clinic has put its trust in nu:view from AB-CT.

Every year, around 20,000 women in South Korea develop breast cancer. Medical technology company AB-CT – Advanced Breast-CT GmbH from Erlangen is revolutionizing breast cancer diagnostics with the innovative nu:view scanner. In contrast to conventional mammography, nu:view offers patients a non-compression pain free scan with high comfort for patients, and very short scan times.

“Last December, in collaboration with our partner Radconn Inc, we met all technical and regulatory requirements such that we can now to launch nu:view in South Korea,” says Felix Althoff, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), at AB-CT.

Dr. Choi Seon-Hyeong, medizinische Leitung Queens U Clinic

The Queen’s U Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, under the medical direction of Dr Choi Seon-Hyeong, a respected expert in breast cancer diagnostics, uses state-of-the-art imaging technology to detect tumors early and make accurate diagnoses. This emphasizes the clinic’s commitment to promoting women’s health and, in particular, the early detection of malignant changes in breast tissue. “We are delighted that this state-of-the-art facility has chosen our breast CT,” says Dr Althoff.

Eung-Won Yeon, CEO of Radconn Inc commented “we are proud to introduce nu:view as the first breast CT installation in the Asian region at Queen’s U Clinic and to take early breast cancer detection to a new level”.