Find a CT that meets your ideals

In the modern healthcare environment the demand towards CT goes beyond simple high throughput and accurate diagnosis. Efficient operator workflow, improved patient experience and easy installation into existing facilities are also main considerations. Speedia HD enables high-speed whole-body scanning with sub-millimetre slices, which is difficult to achieve on 16 slice CT systems. A single breath hold (approx. 14sec.), can produce high-resolution images in the range of 1100mm or more. Thereby allowing wide range, high resolution MPR images to be acquired as routine.
Speedia HD with its 40mm width detector and unique 3D reconstruction algorithm-CORE method, achieves the high-speed scan even when using a pitch of 1.58. Therefore, it enables a chest area of 320mm to be scanned in only 4.5sec and a thoraco-abdominal area of 570mm in just 7.5sec. This reduces the burden on the patients who have difficulty maintaining a still position or holding a breath for a long-time.

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