European Centre of Excellence in ultra high-field MRI

Pooling the expertise of an international group of technological, clinical and academic organizations, Brains Unlimited, located at the Maastricht Health Campus, is to bring research from concept to commercialization. Providing an integrated platform for the imaging community, Brains Unlimited will help scientists and companies to find the key to many common disorders, as well as gain more insight into the development of human behaviour. Scannexus is the vehicle for the management of the operation , as well as providing the interface for the development and delivery of projects utilizing the scanner facility. It operates an open access infrastructure that includes 3T, 7T and 9.4T human (whole body) MRI scanners – opening up huge opportunities in advancing the understanding of human anatomy, functionality and metabolism. Dedicated researchers and a network of scientific, clinical and application expertise (via local – Netherlands, Belgium and Germany – universities, research institutes and hospitals)