Esaote MyLab: Ultrasound imaging technology tailored for the user

As a leading player in the diagnostic ultrasound market, active since 1983, Esaote has a long experience in developing and fine-tuning ultrasound systems and probes for a broad range of clinical segments. 

MyLab Ultrasound solutions are shaped to answer the most demanding clinical needs in many applications: from abdominal to vascular, including musculoskeletal, internal medicine, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as interventional ultrasound guidance.

Esaote puts a high effort in designing systems that offer top image quality for confident diagnosis from difficult-to-scan patients up to fully detailed superficial image resolution. This has been achieved over the years through advanced research, with several patents and publications, and effective implementations on the system and also on the probe side, the latter offering a broad choice of in-house made transducers  ranging from traditional phased, linear, convex and endocavity to dedicated solutions for surgery and intervention. The Esaote probe family has recently been extended with the brand new High Frequency Hockey Stick probe IH 6-18 and the Biopsy dedicated 0 degree insertion convex transducer SI2C41.
Customizable buttons on the probe body enhance comfort and increase possibilities.

Advanced hemodynamic evaluation tools such as XFlow and HD CFM, tissue stiffness evaluation with ElaXto as well as Virtual Navigator for easy-to-perform real-time fusion imaging are just a few examples of Esaote advanced technologies tailored to  meet any requirements up to the most demanding ones.

Virtual Biopsy and Needle Enhancement technology are valuable tools to facilitate needle insertions for simple biopsies as well as percutaneous treatments.

Top level Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) as well as advanced cardiovascular tools such as the 4D XStrain volumetric cardiac deformation analysis tool and the Radiofrequency-based Intima Media Thickness (QIMT) and Arterial Stiffness (QAS) measurement tools are featured, reflecting the