Enteral Nutrition pump

Amika is a new generation of ambulatory volumetric pump for administering fluids through transnasal or percutaneous feeding tubes.  Fluids are delivered continuously using a linear peristaltic pumping mechanism. The use of the latest sensor technology enables better detection of events along the feeding process.  A new pinch clamp also represents a step forward in free-flow prevention. The unit’s graphical interface eliminates the need for rushing to the instructions before pushing the next button. It is easy to understand and offers comprehensive information.  The pump has a modern, robust and ergonomic design that is aligned with Fresenius Kabi’s global pumps portfolio.  It is silent when operating and the versatile pump holder can be used with any support, being flexible for hospital and homecare.  The settings lock function can be secured with an access code and the battery is made for high mobility, lasting up to 24 hours, providing freedom to the patient.

Supplier: Fresenius KABI

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