Endotracheal cuff pressure control system

The leakage of oral secretions past the endotracheal tube (ETT) has been a causative risk factor in the development of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) and tracheal injuries for many years. Existing solutions for endotracheal tube cuff pressure management require manual monitoring and adjustment of cuff pressure which is a critical aspect in the ICU staff workload. It has been shown that up to eight manual adjustments of cuff pressure are required daily to maintain recommended cuff pressure ranges, or more in higher risk cases of lung infections and mechanical complications. Recent clinical studies show that continuous cuff pressure control can optimise endotracheal tube cuff filling and reduce VAP. Now a new non-invasive automatic cuff pressure solution, INTELLICUFF, reduces VAP and tracheal injuries by continuously monitoring and automatically adjusting cuffed tracheal and tracheostomy tubes, providing a real-time optimisation of cuff pressure. The controller module and software are integrated parts of the Hamilton medical ventilator, controlled in the ventilation cockpit, the same unique user interface used to adjust and adapt ventilation therapy. The ventilation cockpit reduces complexity by graphically displaying the patient’s status, current treatment, and the required support including current cuff pressure control and monitoring. Transparency is provided by protocolised care so clinical staff can always be sure that cuff pressure is optimised at all times. This system is available for the company’s G5 and S1 ventilators.

Supplier: Hamilton Bonaduz AG

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