Electrosurgical testing device

The all-in-one QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer helps ensure the functionality and safety of today’s modern, high-power electrosurgical units (ESU).  Its user-friendly interface guides the user through test sequences, making it quick to collect all measurements, including vessel sealing, contact quality monitor (CQM), high frequency (HF) leakage, and output power distribution (single or continuous mode). Along with providing output power accuracy as low as +/-5% and built-in automation for easily performing power distribution tests, the QA-ES III offers intuitive, intelligent connectivity. Up to 5,000 records can be stored on-board, and then conveniently transferred to a PC wirelessly or via USB. Its Ansur test automation software makes it possible to create and automatically run tests, capture data, and produce reports. The QA-ES III complies with all global standards, including ANSI/AAMI and IEC. 

Supplier: Fluke Biomedical

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