Electrolyte testing system

The latest addition to the Stat Profile product line, Stat Profile Prime ES, has gained CE mark certification for release in CE regulated countries. Prime ES incorporates Nova Biomedical’s innovative no-maintenance sensor card technology for a smaller, faster, and less expensive electrolyte analyser. Compact and lightweight, Prime ES provides a comprehensive electrolyte profile including Na, K, Cl, iCa, and iMg in just 60 seconds from 50 microliters of whole blood. Stat Profi le Prime’s no-maintenance technology comprises a single MicroSensor Card that contains all sensors for Na, K, Cl, iCa, and iMg with a 32-day use life, and a reagent cartridge containing all calibration reagents. The MicroSensor Card and reagent cartridge are both maintenance free and easily replaced in seconds. This design optimizes the life of each, improves analyser uptime, and reduces costs. Credit card-sized, the MicroSensor Card is always calibrated and ready to deliver a stat electrolyte profile. Stat Profile Prime’s Clot Block sample flow path protects the MicroSensor Card from blockages and downtime caused by blood clots. A safety sample port aspirates samples directly from syringes, tubes, cups, and ampoules, eliminating sample transfer steps and saving time. Acceptable samples include whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid. Simple to operate with a colour touchscreen and built-in barcode scanner for positive patient ID, Stat Profile Prime ES may be used in a fixed location virtually anywhere in a hospital/clinic or operated on a mobile cart with a battery back-up. An optional 10-sample removable tray provides serial batch testing for serum, plasma, and urine samples. Prime ES patient results can be easily interfaced to the LIS/HIS with the industry standard POCT 1-A2 connectivity format.

Supplier: Nova Biomedical Corp.

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