Disposable masks for non-invasive ventilation and administration of oxygen

Now available is a new low cost, disposable short term non-invasive ventilation (NIV) mask that meets high product standards. The new Eagle is a true hybrid mask in the market of short term non-invasive ventilation manufactured with proprietary methods to deliver a low cost NIV mask needed in the emergency medical services market. The mask is made out of an extremely soft material that is specifically made to ensure a comfortable fit and seal. The Eagle mask offers extremely low dead space which translates into less work of breath and comes with four optional swivels: AAV with CO2 Vented Elbow, AAV only Elbow, Non Vented Elbow and Non Vented Straight. This multi-purpose mask can be used at crash site, pre-hospital transportation, from acute to sub-acute hospital care.

Supplier: Hans Rudolph Inc

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