Direct connectivity for patient dedicated arterial blood gas analyser

A new functionality has been added to the Proxima patient dedicated arterial blood gas analyser to allow direct connectivity to hospital information systems. This is crucial in the efficient management of patient data generated by the Proxima system and enables point-of-care coordinators and other laboratory staff to remotely monitor the use and performance of this new analytical in-line system being used directly at the patient’s bedside. The new enhancement ensures that all patient test data for blood gas and electrolyte measurements, as well as system quality control data, can be transferred via an Ethernet connection to the hospital information network. This direct data transfer uses the standard HL7 communication protocol format that is easily integrated into information management systems, such as the Laboratory Information System and electronic Patient Data Management Systems. The CE-marked Proxima supports proactive patient care, particularly at critical times, since it enables rapid and frequent measurement without leaving the patient. This is possible as the Proxima sensor is a miniaturized version of a blood gas analyser that is integrated directly into the patient’s arterial line, meaning that all blood is returned to the patient. Operated using the dedicated bedside monitor with touch screen interface, the system provides simple, clear routines guiding the user. Patient results are then displayed clearly on this monitor and also electronically transferred for permanent record within information management systems.

Supplier: Sphere Medical Ltd

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