Digital x-ray system

Thales Duet DRF is an advanced digital x-ray system covering the complete imaging chain, from patient registration to image acquisition, display, transmission and archiving, in either  DR or fluoro mode. The system is specially adapted to Thales R&F 17”x 17”Pixium  detectors, offering OEMs the benefit of an efficient solution, i.e. a single console to perform both dynamic and/or static exams. With the new Duet DRF version, based on either a Pixium RF 4343 or a Pixium RF 4343 FL, OEMs will be able to adapt their system according to each practitioner or radiology specific requirements, whether for advanced dynamic investigations or for routine fluoro and high-end radiography exams. Whatever the OEM choice, the Duet DRF is using Pixium detectors based on a proprietary CsI scintillator, renowned for their image quality and reliability.

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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