Digital radiography imaging sub-system

Alto DR is a new-generation digital radiography imaging sub-system. With increased capacity to provide unequalled customization and flexibility, it controls the complete radiographic exam from patient registration to image processing and transmission. This new sub-system is designed and optimized for all Thales Pixium radiographic detectors, for fixed or wireless applications. The application software supports both workstation and new tablet PCs environments. The state-of-the-art GUI (Graphic User Interface) is fully customizable and allows the use of modern and intuitive multi-touch screen. Workflow is based on a new adaptive concept, designed for optimal efficiency in patient care. Proprietary image processing provides very high acuity at very low dose and can be fine-tuned to any practitioner’s exact requirements. This new concept of image sub-system offers a full DR modular approach thanks to its web-client server architecture and easy connections to external devices via WiFi or wire (Bucky, detector, tablet PC, smartphone, etc.). These remote devices can be for system remote control or for image display. The use of HTML5 standard simplifies the interface design of the remote device making it as simple as developing an Internet page.

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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