Diagnostic ultrasound system

A state-of-the-art ultrasound system, the DC-8 performs well for a wide range of physical examinations, from deep abdominal sites to small superficial areas or from minute vessels to large muscular structures, thanks to new technologies and innovative image processing algorithms. The unique 3T transducer technology increases bandwidth and transmission efficiency, thus offering better SNR and improved resolution. It enables higher frequency scans even focusing on deep structures, easier and faster image aquisition and better image clarity even when scanning the most challenging patients. Another innovative technology, iFlow, allows better visualisation of tiny vessels and complex flow patterns. The exclusive processing algorithm allows the detection of very weak colour Doppler signals with an optimal S/N ratio and provides excellent spatial resolution without compromising penetration or sensitivity. The ultra wideband nonlinear processing technology enhances contrast capabilities. With ultra-wideband signal transmission, the system can manipulate both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, and finally generate significantly enhanced images. Other technologies include high resolution iClear, now available for 3D/4D imaging, which is a speckle suppression technology for improving contrast resolution to better detect and visualise pathological structures, and iBeam spatial compounding, which uses multiple scan angles to form a single image with enhanced contrast resolution and improved visualisation. The new platform also enables optimum flexibility for post processing and analysis of the raw data image, allowing maximum productivity to be achieved.

Supplier: Mindray Co., Ltd Shenzen Mind. Bio-Med. Elec

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