Desktop indirect calorimeter

The Fitmate GS is the first portable desktop indirect calorimeter using the dilution technique for accurate measurements of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE, RMR) in a clinical setting. Provided with a compact blower and a canopy hood, it suits bed-side applications and interdisciplinary nutritional monitoring by hospital Nutrition Support Teams (NST). The use of a ventilated hood make the test highly comfortable, allowing patients to breathe freely. The ventilated hood can also be used for long periods of time with minimal discomfort and no air leaks from the system. Fitmate GS allows reliable, accurate, easy and quick measurement without the need of consumable and complicated calibration procedures with gas cylinders. The nutritional care and management of confined-to-bed and critically- ill patients includes provision of adequate nutrition support in order to avoid malnutrition, to improve nutritional status and to prevent negative outcomes associated with overfeeding or underfeeding (impaired immune function, impaired ventilatory drive, prolonged ventilatory dependence, increased infectious morbidity and mortality…). While prediction equations are generally considered not as accurate as required for predicting the energy expenditure in a clinical setting, indirect calorimetry is the ‘Gold Standard’ for determining caloric needs in confinedto- bed patients and is indispensable for Nutrition Support Teams providing nutrition care to patients in different departments of the hospital, including critical care/ICU and burn units, as well as to anorexia/cachexia and bariatric surgery patients. Fitmate has been validated for the measurement of Oxygen Consumption (VO2) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR/REE). It measures VO2 and assumes a constant Respiratory Quotient (RQ), set at 0.85 (or user defined). Oxygen uptake (VO2) is measured in real time and data is shown every 30 seconds. RMR testing is simple, fast and a report printout is provided in seconds via the built-in thermal printer.

Supplier: Cosmed S.R.L.

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