Dedicated neonatal MRI system installed in the NICU

Aspect Imaging’s Embrace Neonatal MRI System is the world’s first FDA-cleared and CE-approved dedicated MRI system installed inside the NICU. It can provide a high-resolution MRI scan for babies weighing from 1.0 Kg to 4.5 Kg and a head circumference up to 38 cm. Embrace has been designed specially to be placed inside the NICU to avoid the risks of transporting infants to an external MRI facility, enabling safer imaging of newborns and allowing medical staff and parents to be present during the scan. Due to its unique design, the system can also scan intubated babies without having to disconnect and reconnect any tubing. The total Prep and Scan process takes less than an hour. Embrace is quieter than traditional whole-body scanners and features a permanent magnet that has low power consumption and requires no electrical, cryogenic or water cooling or a special safety zone or RF-shielded room. This means that for the first time a dedicated neonatal MRI – FDA-cleared and CE-Approved – can be placed inside the NICU without the risks and limitations of traditional MRI systems. Additionally, Embrace features the Neonatal Capsule – an integrated, temperature-controlled, incubator-like patient bed which minimizes movement of the baby, allowing continuous control of the baby’s environmental temperature and continuous monitoring of its vital parameters. Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel, has recently installed Aspect Imaging’s Embrace Neonatal MRI System inside its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where it is in regular use. 

Supplier: Aspect Imaging Ltd

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