Contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging

The RS80A with Prestige, Samsung’s premium ultrasound system, applies sophisticated imaging technology that empowers users’ confident diagnosis. Samsung’s CEUS+ provides superb resolution and improved uniformity with effective noise reduction, which help users acquire better clarity in the near field. Its automatic brightness control feature optimizes imaging in real time, enabling users to secure enough time to diagnose. The CEUS+, in particular, improves the diagnosis of small lesions and its clear expression of tissue boundaries helps users to achieve interventional procedures with ease and accuracy.

Prof. Paul S. Sidhu, Consultant Radiologist and Professor of Imaging Sciences at King’s College Hospital in the U.K., said, "The introduction of microbubble contrast agents during the sonographic examination has improved the characterization of focal liver lesions to such a level as to rival CT and Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging," adding, "The addition of a microbubble contrast agent immediately, as an adjunct to the B-mode sonographic examination has tremendous benefits in terms of diagnosis, alleviating patient anxiety, planning of management and is also cost-effective."

Supplier: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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