Connectivity now available on POC HbA1c analysers

Quo-Test and Quo-Lab from EKF Diagnostics now come with POCT1-A2 connectivity, QC and user ID lockout as standard. It is now possible to record patient ID easily with a barcode scanner, or by using the new keyboard and complete patient records with new demographic information, such as family name and date of birth. The new connectivity upgrade also features QC lockout functions, with three different QC schemes designed to enforce regular testing of QC materials (after a period of time, after a number of tests or at a defined time). Users can now add additional commentary to test results, via the keyboard or by selecting from a pre-defined list. Quo-Test and Quo-Lab exploit the so-called fluorescent quenching properties of a patented reagent to measure HbA1C, matching the performance of existing laboratory-based methods. The total amount of hemoglobin is also quantified by absorption measurement. The combination of these two measurements produces an HbA1C percent result. The system is a fully automated homogenous assay i.e. there are no separation steps and all the critical steps that may influence or affect the quality of the result are controlled. All of this combines to deliver results in about three minutes from a blood sample of under 5 mL.

Supplier: EKF Diagnostic

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