Connectivity for point-of-care HbA1c analysers

A new connectivity package for EKF’s Quo-Test and Quo-Lab HbA1c analysers enables secure bi-directional communication between these POC analysers and a multitude of central data management systems. Using the industry recognized POCT1-A2 communication protocol, EKF’s connectivity solution unlocks a host of new features aimed at improving security and quality control (QC) for diabetic HbA1c testing. The new connectivity package includes a proprietary connector interface box, cables and a software upgrade. This enables EKF’s HbA1c analysers to automatically transmit patient data to the majority of Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) or Hospital Information Systems (HIS). Traceability and results recall speed are improved by use of patient ID and increased demographic data (such as family name and date of birth). These can now be recorded through either selecting from a pre-approved list or via the barcode scanner and keyboard. Also ensuring the integrity of results generated at the POC, security and QC are enhanced on Quo-Lab and Quo-Test through user ID and QC lockout functions which are included in the connectivity package. By restricting access to trained users only, the lockout functions minimize the chances of user error and adhere to security protocols in many institutions. Furthermore, unauthorized users will be prevented from accessing patient information. Multiple user-defined QC lockout options are also available to POCT coordinators in order to enforce regular testing of QC materials and ensure compliance. In addition to ensuring the reliability of results, the new conectivity package also allows the clinician to add commentary to any test result, further enhancing the monitoring and management of diabetes in a point-of-care setting.

Supplier: EKF Diagnostic

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