Comprehensive vital signs testing kit

Protected and transported from site-to-site within a new lightweight and water-repellent sling-style carry case, the new Rigel Medical Med-eKit Lite is the most compact solutions available for testing the electrical safety and performance of vital signs monitors. It features the 288 electrical safety analyser, which incorporates easy-to-follow menu driven instructions for operation and test control of all IEC 62353 and IEC 60601 required electrical safety tests in manual, semi automatic or fully automatic test modes. It also features the UNISIM vital sign simulator. With built-in automated testing, this portable vital signs simulator is the smallest capable of undertaking six tests, enabling medical device engineers to quickly, easily and accurately undertake NIBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP and respiration functionality tests simultaneously using a single instrument. The ease of portability allows the user to transport biomedical test equipment to any test location where all the test data can be downloaded into Med-eBase software for full traceability and data recording. The kit’s versatility also means that it can be configured for different combinations of other Rigel instruments.

Supplier: Rigel Medical

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