Complete automated X-ray platform

The DX-D 800 is a complete digital X-ray platform fitted with a dynamic, portable and removable flat-panel detector. This remote-controlled, multi-purpose system allows a very broad range of fluoroscopy and radiology exams, as well as direct exposures. Fluoroscopy applications include gastrointestinal examinations, urogenital, angiography and interventional radiology. Radiography applications include skull, thorax, abdomen, spine and pelvis, as well as full leg/full spine with automatic image stitching. The mobility of the platform also makes it ideal for paediatric, extremity and lateral images, as well as for use with patients with reduced mobility. A remote controlled table as well as a video camera for positioning the patient without irradiation are provided. Both play an important part in ensuring a quick and easy procedure for the patient. The system also has pre-determined automatic collimation and filters for each protocol, which allow a potential dose reduction while optimising image quality.

Supplier: AGFA Healthcare

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