CMOS digital detector for dentistry and orthopedic imaging

3D imaging is becoming more widespread in dentistry, and Cone Beam CT reduces significantly dose exposure compared to scanners. Thales’new SiX 650 HD detector based on CMOS technology offers two levels of sensitivity to meet the requirements of both CBCT and panoramic imaging.  The SiX 650 HD 12 x 15 cm digital detector offers critical advantages for patients and practitioners alike: low dose and quick acquisition of high-resolution images. The new-gen CMOS technology results in the detector’s outstanding performance, with very low image noise, absence of artefacts, high sensitivity and low power consumption. Supplied with a software development kit, the SiX 650 HD is also light, compact, easy to use and to integrate in X-ray systems. It can also be used with mini C-arms for orthopedic applications.  

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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