Clinical data platform

Carestream’s new Clinical Collaboration Platform allows providers to identify and share diverse patient clinical data to help clinicians make diagnostic and treatment decisions. This data can also be shared with patients during consultations. One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare IT today is the vast amount of data that exists in siloed systems that limit accessibility. This type of infrastructure increases costs and makes it difficult to access clinical data, which impedes the quality of diagnostic services. Consolidating storage devices with a vendor-neutral archive is a good foundation, but the challenge is to deliver better access and management of unstructured data so that a comprehensive view of patient data can be maintained and distributed to authorized users. Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform can be integrated as modules within a provider’s existing IT ecosystem. Using the latest interoperability standards allows data to be aggregated, which creates a holistic view of the patient. This can also mitigate the need for expensive data migration from older systems by federating multiple devices. A vendor-neutral archive (VNA) links radiology, endoscopy, pathology, cardiology, lab results and other forms of data. Carestream’s flexible Clinical Collaboration Platform can complement a provider’s existing departmental PACS or archive and offers a series of optional modules that can bring unstructured data into the clinical work-flow and enhance the delivery of patient images and reports to clinicians

Supplier: Carestream Health SA

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