Cline receives clearance for ex-vivo testing of StemCART product on human cartilage tissue

Cline Scientific AB has received clearance from the Swedish Ethical Review Authority for the collection and testing of human cartilage tissue as part of the StemCART project.

Cline’s cell-based therapy in development, StemCART, aims to repair cartilage damage with the implantation of allogeneic induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived chondrocytes alongside a support matrix. The creation of these reparative cells is made possible by Cline’s proprietary nanotechnology that enables the directed and precise differentiation of iPSCs.

This enables the start of ex-vivo tests to evaluate Cline’s unique cells and their ability to repair cartilage. Cline can now, through its collaborating clinicians, collect samples of routinely discarded material from participating patients who are undergoing joint surgery.

The study will start immediately and is expected to continue through Q2 of 2022. It is an important validation step for StemCART. For the successful development of a cell-based product, it is essential to confirm the nature and quality of the cells that are produced. The purpose of the testing is to achieve results showing that Cline’s iPS cells have successfully undergone different-iation into functional chondrocyte cells and can induce healing of cartilage tissue. Such results will enable the further development of StemCART into a therapy product ahead of in-human clinical trials.